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There is no better reason for a celebration than a marriage !! Happy people and delicious food …

Normally, I would write a little text about this topic but I don’t think that there is anything left to explain. So I’ll write about something else:

To be honest, I don’t like this week’s challenge. Other people might love this topic, but I don’t… maybe it’s because my style of photography is different. You know, I dislike to take pictures that are not ‚real‘. Here is a little example:



Can you see the difference ?

Of course, I do take group pictures of my friends and me (the first example is mine !) but I prefer photos where people behave normal. Everybody acts differently in front of a camera . Capturing moments is one of the reasons why I am taking photos. If you wait too long, the moment will be gone forever and it will never come back… That’s why I love looking at old photos because I am always like ‚fuck, I’ve already forgotten this happened !‘.

The person who has, well, opened my eyes was Yoon Sul. He is one of the most inspirational photographer I know.

And that’s why I don’t like photos of celebrations. There will be always somebody who says something like ‚Please smile ! 3, 2, 1… !‘

But tell me, what do you think of ‚unreal‘ and ‚real‘ photos ? Comments are welcome !